Sunday, December 13, 2015

Trouble Shooting:Wireless Icon Display as red X

Wireless Icon Display as red X 

NOTE: No Matter What You Do Please Export Out The Registry Key First.

Method 1:

1.  Open Regedit @ Registry


3. Expand Software

4. Expand Microsoft

5. Expand Windows NT

6. Expand Current Version

7. Expand Networklists

8. Expand Profiles 

9. Click on the folders under the profile and next to Description it will have the name of the connection pick the folder that has the name if the one u are using and Right Click it go to permissions in user take allow full control should work for you now.


Method 2:

Follow above step 1 to 7 and continue the following.

1.  Expand Nla

2.  Right click and Rename Cache to e.g. Cache.old

3.     Reboot your machine

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